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Cooking Indian Food FAQs

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What is Chutney Chefs and how does it work?

Chutney Chefs is an innovative way of making gourmet meals at home with ease. No grocery shopping required because we do it all for you! We give you all the fresh, seasoned ingredients and gravies that you need to make the perfect meal. You don’t even need a cutting board. You simply pick from our wide range of menu items, customize your sides, and your meals are ready to be shipped the same day. Once received, follow the simple instructions on the packaging, or check out our videos here to bring the restaurant magic home.

Who designs the recipes and gravies?

We work exclusively with the talented chefs from the Five Chefs Catering Group. To learn more about them, click here

How many servings are in each meal?

Each meal serves 1-2.   Remember, all entrees come with your choice of side of either Jeera Rice or Whole Wheat Rotis to compliment your meal. We now offer you the option of adding an additional side to your meal for only $2.97.

How is this service better than take-out or frozen food?

Although all the options can save you time, cooking with fresh ingredients is much healthier than relying on frozen meals or heavy take out, especially on a daily basis.

How does pricing work?

Each vegetarian meal costs $14, and each non-vegetarian meal costs only $15. All entrees include your choice of Whole Wheat Rotis or Jeera Rice. All Kebabs come with our delicious complimentary mint chutney. We also provide FREE overnight shipping. Remember to add on the extras to complete the ultimate Chutney Experience.

How does food stay fresh throughout the shipping process?

The boxes are packed with thick, insulated liners and ice packs to keep your meals fresh as they travel through the entire shipping process.

How long does the food stay fresh?


meals delivered to your door from Chutney Chefs

are guaranteed fresh until the midnight of your scheduled delivery date. Once received, we highly recommend following the storage instructions located on the front of each packet.

What do I get in my box?

Each box contains a minimum of three meals. With each recipe, you get one packet of gravy, along with another packet of vegetables or meat depending on the dish you chose. You also receive garnishing to perfectly complete your meal. All entrées include a side of Jeera Rice or Rotis. On most recipes, you may also need to add water. Check out our full menu here to see the specifics for each dish.